Like all good obstructivist utopian futurists, we always think it's fun, interesting and worthwhile to lay out the source materials of our intermedia inventions. Here you will find a miscellany of many of the wonderful items that made the fabric of "The Dimbola Mikado". Remember, sampling, if you're inventive and TRANSFORMATIVE with it, is always good, kids.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Five Minutes of Pure Cinema - Henri Chomette

Caruso Not Sleeping Just Dead

Stan Laurel listens to a bedtime story

Lottie as The Sun

Magic Eye - The Video

Photographs of poppies at Wolverton Manor...

Anna Pavlova performs The Dying Swan....

Pieter Bruegel "The Tower of Babel"

Lost Cat?

An Eye of Post-Human Julia Margaret Cameron

KODAK Camera Commercials

Motion Photography by Etienne-Jules Marey

"Alice in Wonderland" 1903 adaptation

The UK & Ireland found in clouds by J.H.H. Lowengard

Harry Partch's One Footed Bride

The organ scene from "Carnival of Souls"

Dancing Skeleton by the Lumiere Brothers

Flying Cube & Hypercube - early computer animation

Victorian London in Colour

Jeffrey Alan Scudder - Radical Digital Painting

(early timelapse of a rose)

"Lichtspiel" by Moholy Nagy

Ghost Hunters at Dimbola Lodge

Betty Boop "A Language All My Own"

(Aerial footage by Stan Bowater, Sunderland pilot, grandfather of Lottie Depresstival Bowater)

The legendary Derek Sandy welcomes you to the Isle of Wight

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